BBAWC Rescue Clinic

BBAWC Rescue Clinic

Contact: | (917) 426-3335

Our clinic, located inside the Brooklyn Cat Cafe, is now open! We offer low-cost spay/neuter services for owned pets as well as surgical and medical services to rescuers working with homeless cats.

**Please note: Our focus is on low-cost, high-quality veterinary services so our administration/reception services are very limited. Appointments must be booked online and we have very limited administrative assistance prior to your appointment. We appreciate your understanding.

Both pet owners and rescuers can book an appointment using our reservation system for spay/neuter services (available to owned AND homeless cats).

Rescuers are also welcome to book an appointment at our rescue clinic for exams and services (ONLY available for homeless cats).

Each cat must have an individual appointment. Healthy kittens may be booked two per appointment for the rescue clinic.

Rescuer Registration

Rescuers, TNR certified individuals and people helping homeless cats please register here before booking services. Pet owners do not need to register.

Cancelation and Late Policy

All clients prepay for appointments – refunds are only available if the appointment is canceled with 24 hour notice. If you will be late to your appointment, please notify us and we will do our best to accommodate if possible.

Intake Forms

After scheduling you must complete an intake form no later than the day before your appointment. Frms are found where you book your appointment and also in the confirmation email you will receive once you pay and book your visit.


Surgical Appointments

Every spay/neuter surgery appointment includes FVRCP, Rabies, Flea Treatment and a microchip. Vaccines and microchip are mandatory unless they have been completed previously and confirmation is sent ahead of time.

Current prices:

  • $130 neuter
  • $150 spay
  • $150 for cryptorchid neuter
  • $165 for a pregnant spay
  • $145/165 for hernia repair (with neuter/spay).
  • $40 Public Assistance discount ($90/$110 neuter/spay)
  • $100 PureBreed Fee

  • The following services are offered at both spay/neuter and rescue clinics:
  • $10 Vaccines (FVRCP or Rabies for cats over 4 months)*
  • $15 Revolution (Frontline spray if under 2lbs)*
  • $25 FeLV/FIV test
  • $55 fecal test (you must bring a sample)
  • $10 Pyrantel Pamoate (Strongid) 3 doses
  • $15 ear cleaning/$5 ear mite treatment if needed
  • $15 for a microchip*
  • Various Prices: Bloodwork and Urine testing
  • Various Prices: Routine Surgeries such as amputations, entropion correction, and hernia repair

*Included with spay or neuter surgery if needed


Please note that the rescue and surgical clinics are not set up to treat cats needing significant medical interventions. If needed, cats will be referred to traditional veterinary practices for more comprehensive care.


In 2020, BBAWC received a grant from GS Humane to open a low cost clinic to provide basic rescue services to the rescue community and low cost spay-neuter services and to provide support for the individual rescuers and small rescue groups who rescue so many of New York City’s homeless animals but have limited access to low cost basic rescue services. We hope to reduce the financial burden of rescue so that more cats can be adopted or TNR’d and reduce the homeless cat population in New York City.