Little Angel – Beautiful Petite 1 Y.O. White Persian Girl.

AngelWe listed this stunning cat last week, and received oodles of inquiries.

Angel was abandoned to her groomers at Rocco and Jezebel in Brooklyn Heights. They are righteously VERY protective of her, and BBAWC allows rescuers to set their own rules regarding forever homes.

Angel is an adorable little cat. She’s very laid back, and loves people. She’s so trusting. Her rescuer has very strict protocols regarding an adoptive home that she’s asked us to post.

NYC only, because BBAWC requires a home visit. Commitment to a high quality wet food diet. Experience with Persians or long hair cats so the adopter appreciates the grooming requirements. Experienced cat caretaker.

There’s NO wiggle room on this – Angel’s rescuer is very strict. She wants the best for a very special cat.

We know ‘the best’ is out there, and Angel is waiting for her forever home.

Please email if you are a serious adopter for Angel.