Help Snowball!

IMG_0488Help Snowball get her needed surgical procedure.

Please help Snowball get her procedure so she can have a better quality of life.  Snowball was rescued from a colony in the Bronx.  When we found her, she was frail, had a head tilt and a horrible upper respiratory infection.  She was also incredibly sweet and affectionate.

We have taken Snowball to a specialist and they think she needs to have a bulla osteotomy to clean out infections deep in her ear canal. She may also have a focal narrowing of the nasopharnx that could represent a stricture. This stricture would be associated with her upper respiratory pattern/noise when she is breathing. Most likely, at the time of her bulla osteotomy the vets would perform a retroflex endoscopy to look at this area and balloon the area to make it wider and decrease the chance of infection building up in that narrow area. Our current estimate for the procedure is about $3000.

If you would like to donate to help Snowball today please do so through our online marketplace, select one the links at the right (or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices) or send a check made out to BBAWC to PO BOX 22948, Brooklyn NY 11202-2948.

Thank you for your support!