I found a friendly cat

Have you found a friendly, adoptable animal who has been living outside?

Are you trying to find out how you can help to get a cat into a home and off the street?

If you have found a friendly stray who needs a good home, this page explains the ways in which we can help.

We are not a traditional shelter so we do not have a facility where we can simply take the animal from you.  We can help you place the animal through listings and adoption events if you or a friend or family member can foster the animal until we find a new home for it.

If you can foster, we can provide help with medical care to get the animal ready for adoption.  We ask that rescuers read and sign a Rescuers Agreement which lists our rules and procedures.  We also ask you to request Membership in our Yahoo group which is where useful information, files and event announcements are shared. Please email us so we can discuss further.

If you cannot foster then you should find a more traditional shelter which can take the animal.  The best resource for information about such groups is the Mayor’s Alliance for Animals list of APO’s.

Keep in mind that if you are bringing a cat into NYC AC&C they are required to accept all animals brought into their shelter.  However, because of space limitations, animals brought into the city shelter may be at higher risk of euthanasia if they have medical or behavior problems. Young kittens who require overnight care are especially at risk.  Thus, the earlier in the day the kittens are brought into the shelter, the better chance they have of finding a foster home before the shelter closes.  For these reasons, if it is at all possible for you to foster the animal you find and not surrender it to NYC AC&C, the animal will have a better chance of survival and finding a good adoptive home.