Pulling an animal from NYC ACC

Do you want to pull an animal from NYC AC&C?

We will try our best to help you rescue the animal you are interested in.  However, we are a very small volunteer rescue group and we have limited resources so may not be able to help you in all situations.

First you should try and adopt directly through ACC via their website.  For more information on rescuing an animal from AC&C check out this website.

If you want to rescue an animal from AC&C, but cannot adopt the animal yourself you have several options:

1) If you cannot foster the animal yourself, you can go on the Pets On Death Row or Urgent Cats FaceBook pages and see if you can sponsor an animal so that another rescuer will pull the animal.

2) If you can foster the animal, we may be able to pull the animal for you and sponsor the him/her until s/he is adopted.  Because we are a small group with limited resources we will need some information from you first.

a) You will need to take responsibility for the animal(s) until they are rescued.  We do our best to help you adopt these animals as quickly as possible, but sometimes adoptions can take some time.  Especially is the animal has special needs or is sick from being in the shelter.

b) As the Rescuer, we ask that you read through and sign our Rescuer’s Agreement. This is a rough guide and there may be some modifications that can be made, but it does outline our expectations.

c) We also ask you to complete a foster application and we will call your references to ensure that you can provide a safe home for the rescued animal.

d) You need to email BrooklynBridgeAnimals@yahoo.com and let BBAWC know that you have completed the Rescuer’s Agreement and Foster Application.  Also let us know which ACC location the animal is located and the name and “A number” of the animal.  If the animal is on the “at risk list” please let us know if there is limited time to respond.  Finally, you need to let us know where you want him/her transported.

Depending on the health status of the animal we may need to have him/her transported directly to one of the veterinarians we work with for treatment.  Depending on the circumstances of the rescued animal, we may ask for you to contribute to medical costs or to provide a deposit on our website to ensure that we are not left with an animal that we have no space to care for.

We sympathize with your desire to help the animals at AC&C. We wish we could help more individuals and animals, but we cannot always afford the costs associated with properly caring for some of these gravely ill and injured animals.  We reserve the right to decide that we are unable to assist in a particular case and we will inform you of that decision as soon as we can.